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More information
about this book
Sample Content
(An extract from Chapter 1: Words you should master)
Changes made in the 3rd Edition (2012)
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"...deals with words that are necessary as well as sufficient to maintain a high level of fluency in speech and writing... discusses why conventional methods of vocabulary building fail to help learners become fluent... goes deeply into the question of how to achieve a total mastery of fluency words."
- The New Indian Express.
"Landmark work... Legendary fluency lexicon."
- Competition Success Review
India's largest-read youth magazine.
"Words you need for greater fluency..."
India's national newspaper
since 1878.
  The Complete Fluency Words>Changes made in the 3rd Edition

The Complete Fluency Words
by Prof. Kev Nair


Changes made in the 3rd Edition

Prof. Kev Nair has now made The Complete Fluency Words more useful to learners as well as teachers in several ways. Here are some:

(i) Prof. Kev Nair has revised the lists of vocabulary items (or ‘words’ for short) thoroughly.

(ii) The total number of words that these lists now give you is 7673 (as against the 7373 items that the lists in the earlier editions gave you). Prof. Nair has categorized them in two different ways:

(a) Frequencywise: Frequencywise, Prof. Kev Nair has categorized the 7673 words into six groups. Each group is covered by a separate list. Three of these lists cover words of Maximum General Utility, two lists cover words of Near-Maximum Utility, and the remaining list covers words of Advanced General Utility.

(b) Word-classwise: In addition to the six frequencywise lists, there are five other lists. These are new lists, and they arrange the same 7673 words in a different way: Word-classwise. These new lists are the lists of frequently-needed content words (frequently-needed verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs) and frequently-needed form words.

(iii) Necessary modifications have been made to the other parts of the book to reflect these changes.

(iv) And here’s something very important: Prof. Kev Nair has now added a thesaurus of frequently-needed words. It’s a handy vocabulary-building-cum-revision tool. It aims to help you acquire – and maintain – a high degree of word-recall skill and word-manipulation skill with frequently-needed words. We hope you’ll find this thesaurus extremely valuable from the fluency-development angle.

More information
about this book
Sample Content
(An extract from Chapter 1: Words you should master)
Changes made in the 3rd Edition (2012)
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