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"...considered to be the first-ever compilation of adjectives and nouns arranged adjective-wise."
- The New Indian Express
"one-of-a-kind dictionary..."
India's national newspaper
since 1878.
"...the lexicon is meant primarily as a tool for strengthening fluency in content-intensive speech and writing. It focuses on combinations of adjectives and nouns that can help speakers and writers pack content in speech and writing more densely than in everyday casual conversations "
"Authored by scholar, Professor Kev Nair... lists, adjectivewise, a collection of useful word combinations that have gained acceptance among speakers of English."
- Hindustan Times
"The relative frequency of occurrence of all the adjective headwords is determined and marked."
- The New Indian Express
  Fluencybookz.com > English > Comprehensive Adjectival Fluency Dictionary
Adjectival Fluency Dictionary

by Prof. Kev Nair

The key to great fluency...
in content-intensive speech & writing.
The world’s 1st compilation of its kind!

1st Edition.
Dy: 1/8. Pages 243.
High quality, laminated jacket.
Superior binding.
Top Quality paper.
Excellent printing.

Price: Rs.395.00 (INR)

Comprehensive Adjectival Fluency Dictionary
ISBN (Paperback): 978-93-81424-44-5
ISBN (Ebook): 978-93-81424-45-2

"...intended mainly for advanced learners who are trying to achieve fluency in content-intensive speech and writing in which content has to be packed more densely than in everyday casual conversations. It concentrates on accepted combinations of adjectives and nouns that are compatible with one another.

"The primary aim of this lexicon is to help speakers and writers to stop using randomly-combined word groups that, though grammatical, may not have gained acceptance among native speakers of English and to start using word groups that have gained such acceptance. It lists, adjective-wise, collection after collection of these highly useful word combinations."

India's national newspaper since 1878.

  How does this wonderful book help you build great fluency?

If you want to be quite fluent in content-intensive speech, you need to have an essential skill: You need a good command of adjectives. Yes, adjectives. That is, you should have a clear idea of what adjectives can go with what nouns — and you must be able to produce, on the fly, 'Adjective + Noun' (A+N) combinations that are acceptable.

But even highly-educated people are often faced with two major problems: First, adjectives and nouns that are compatible with each other do not often occur to them readily. These words simply remain on the tip of their tongue. Second, most A+N combinations that they put together randomly on the spot (from individual adjectives and nouns) often turn out to be unacceptable ones. Of course, the combinations they put together (randomly on the spot) may be grammatically perfect and may sound all right from the point of view of the meaning they want to convey. But often these combinations turn out to be artificial combinations — combinations that have not gained acceptance among native speakers of English.

This is where this Adjectival Fluency Dictionary can be of invaluable help to you. It helps you master acceptable 'Adjective + Noun' combinations — by helping you learn them as single units, as though each combination were a single word rather than a combination of two or more words.

The headwords in this book are all adjectives. Under each headword, you’ll find a comprehensive list of accepted A+N combinations that are in common use. Browse through a few pages of them every now and then. And concentrate on 10 or 15 headwords and the combinations under them every day for a few weeks. Soon it starts to become second nature for you to instantly and effortlessly recall and associate the right adjective with the right noun (and the other way round). And A+N combinations that are acceptable begin to get into your content-intensive speech and writing readily and easily — instead of remaining on the tip of your tongue.

For more details, read the Introduction.

More information
about this book
Extracts from the book
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