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• "DICTIONARIES FOR THE TONGUE" - The New Indian Express.
• By Prof. Kev Nair, "...regarded the world over as the father of fluency lexicography..." - Competition Success Review.


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• "Perhaps more innovative in method than Roget and more modern in approach than Fowler, Prof. Kev Nair is the celebrated author of the legendary fluent English self-study books in the ĎFluentzyí series..."
- General Knowledge Today.

• "Adult Faculties Council is the leader in fluency-related publications worldwide." - THE HINDU.



About Prof. Kev Nair

Prof. Kev Nair was born in Kerala, South India, in 1949.

He’s an eminent scholar. He’s a first class LL.B. and a first class LL.M. And he was ranked first in university in both the LL.B. and LL.M. exams.

Father of Fluency Development

“Mr. Nair was the first person in the world to give shape to the area of study now known as ‘English fluency development’ and to systematize it into a distinct teachable subject. Mr. Nair started researching into this area of study... in 1971. He isolated the factors that block fluency as well as those that promote fluency. He worked out a series of techniques, and organized them into a dedicated course in fluency development for the first time in the world. So he is better known as the father of fluency development.”
– General Knowledge Today.

Father of Fluency Lexicography

“Prof. Kev Nair has been leading the world in English fluency research since 1971... Prof. Kev Nair is regarded the world over as the father of fluency lexicography... Fluency lexicography came into existence as a separate branch of dictionary writing with the publication of Prof. Nair’s Dictionary of Active Fluency Combinations in 1986.”
– Competition Success Review, India's largest-read youth magazine.

Earliest Pioneer

“Prof. Nair... is known the world over as the Father of Fluency Development.”

Eminent Scholar

“Prof. Kev Nair, an eminent scholar of international repute and a renowned English language lexicographer...”
– The New Indian Express.

“There is an air of enormous authority and dignity around all Prof. Nair’s works, each of which is a magnificent blend of scholarship and practical common sense.”
– Competition Success Review, India's largest-read youth magazine.

World Authority

“His students are spread across 35 countries; highly educated, well-placed professionals turn to him for help; students aspiring for superior jobs find his experience and guidance of great worth. Prof. Kev Nair... has every reason to be proud...”
– The New Indian Express.

Fluency heritage

“He had been researching since 1971, and the results of the study led him to new discoveries.”
– THE HINDU, India's national newspaper since 1878.

Unrivalled experience

“Prof. Kev Nair.. has been researching into the vocabulary development process from the fluency-building angle since 1971.”
– The New Indian Express.

World's most experienced English fluency teacher

“Since 1974, Prof. Kev Nair has been using carefully collected word combinations... as one of the major tools for training advanced and post-advanced fluency aspirants.”
– Competition Success Review, India's largest-read youth magazine.

The Final Fluency Word

“If you tend to use English in your day-to-day life... here’s the final word on the line of authorities you need to follow: Quirk for grammar, Fowler for usage, and KevNair for fluency.”
– The New Indian Express.

Prof. Nair lives with his wife and two children in Kochi, Kerala.


"The leader in fluency-related publications worldwide." - THE HINDU.

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• "How to Master Advanced English Vocabulary" by Prof. Kev Nair.

Tips on English Usage from Prof. Kev Nair.

Daily inspirational quotes on the Bhagavad Gita from Prof. Kev Nair. (Also on Prof Kev Nair's twitter page).

Wordpedia™ by Prof. Kev Nair

Great Books on Fluent-English
Vocabulary Power

The Complete Fluency Words  Dictionary of Fluency Word Clusters  Dictionary of Essential Fluency Phrases

Dictionary of Active Fluency Combinations  Core Fluency Thesaurus  Comprehensive Adjectival Fluency Dictionary

Narrative Fluency Dictionary  Thesaurus of Phrasal Verbs  Thesaurus of Descriptive English

Thesaurus of Fluent English Adjectives

"For free flow of English... These books are for people who want to join in a conversation in English but are inhibited for lack of the right words, for those who have the essential education to converse in English, but just cannot decide on the words or rather word combos." - THE HINDU.

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Other books by Prof. Kev Nair

Bhagavad Gita of Inner Courage

The Bhagavad Gita
of Inner Courage

"This is one of the rare publications on the Bhagavad Gita, wherein the stamp of assiduous research is evident." - THE HINDU.

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