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The Publisher

Adult Faculties Council

The Adult Faculties Council is a private organization, and we publish only books by Prof. Kev Nair.

We’re not a university or an institution established under any Act passed by the Parliament or a legislative body in India or in any other country.

We’re the pioneers in the field of spoken English fluency: The first people in the world to specialize in publishing fluency-building books.

“Adult Faculties Council is the leader in fluency-related publications worldwide.” – THE HINDU.

We’ve been publishing the English fluency books authored by Prof. Kev Nair since 1982. Yes, since as far back as 1982.

Over the years, these books on English fluency have come to be widely respected and widely discussed among fluency aspirants – in many countries outside India.

Those who have bought our books in the past include people living and working in a number of countries in the world.

The Author

Prof. Kev Nair

Prof. Nair is an eminent English language scholar and an experienced English language lexicographer. He is a first class LL.B. and a first class LL.M. And he was ranked first in university in both the LL.B. and LL.M. exams.

Prof. Kev Nair is the author of Fluentzy®: The English Fluency-Building Encyclopedia (20 vols), as many as 10 fluency-building lexicons (WORDPEDIA), and The Bhagavad-Gita of Inner Courage. His books have been bought by people from all over the World. He is regarded the world over as the “father of fluency development” and “father of fluency lexicography”. And he has been praised by the media as the “philosopher-poet”. And his contributions to the English Language have been considered on par with those of such greats as Roget, Fowler and Quirk.

If you tend to use English in your day-to-day life… here’s the final word on the line of authorities you need to follow: Quirk for grammar, Fowler for usage, and KevNair for fluency.

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