How to stop being at a loss for words

English Fluency Books by Prof. Kev Nair

WORDPEDIA: For Fluent Command of English Words

“Dictionaries for the tongue” – The New Indian Express.

Are you often tongue-tied, because words & word-groups do not occur to you readily? Do words often just remain on the tip of your tongue? You see, conventional vocabulary-building methods are not quite suited to fluency-building. So they can’t solve these problems effectively. That’s why you really need Prof. Kev Nair’s WORDPEDIA, an acclaimed set of fluency-oriented word-power-building books.

For free flow of English… These books are for people who want to join in a conversation in English but are inhibited for lack of the right words, for those who have the essential education to converse in English, but just cannot decide on the words or rather word combos.” – THE HINDU, India’s national newspaper.

“Fluency lexicons… deal with tried and tested word groups and make it simpler for people to speak English… Many people are not fluent in English because they try to speak and write English mainly by stringing individual words together, rather than by assembling clusters of words together. The books help with native-like selection and delivery of word groups.” – THE TIMES OF INDIA.

“If English is not your first language, the language in which you have been taught to think, then, conversational hitches are bound to occur, if one does not converse daily in the language, however qualified you are. This researched set of books by Kev Nair will certainly help. It will show them the path to correct spoken English, without ‘eh..s’ and ‘hm..s’.” – THE HINDU.

“Dictionaries for the tongue… first-of-their-kind compilations… provide fluency aspirants with all the essential word combinations they should master in order to reach a high communicative performance level…” – The New Indian Express.

You know, these are the definitive books on fluency-oriented vocabulary building. Remember this: These books come from none other than Prof. Kev Nair:

“Prof. Kev Nair is regarded the world over as the father of fluency lexicography…” – Competition Success Review.

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Other Books by Prof. Kev Nair

Cover Image of Fluentzy English Fluency Course (self-study) Book Set

Fluentzy®: English Fluency Self-study Book set

Ideal for use as a course of self-study: The Fluency Development Course

“No, this is not just another crash course in spoken English…” – THE HINDU.

Fluentzy® is set of twenty fluency-building books. They’ve been written in a self-instructional style, so you can use them as a self-study course in English fluency development. They’ll show you how you can systematically build great fluency in English. In genuine spoken English.

“World’s first dedicated course in English fluency building” – THE TIMES OF INDIA.

These fluency building books are for people who already know English reasonably well or very well – but who can’t speak it fluently or as fluently as they’d like to. In particular, they’re for you – if your mother-tongue is not English , and if you’re someone who has to speak English every day.

The Book set is available in Paperback (Full set of 20 books, or in 3 separate lots of 7, 6 and 7 books) and Ebook (Full set of 20 books only) versions.

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The Bhagavad Gita of Inner Courage

What it takes to stay calm and triumph over adversity

“This is one of the rare publications on the Bhagavad Gita, wherein the stamp of assiduous research is evident.” – THE HINDU.

“The Bhagavad Gita in its true wholeness” is the one phrase that can best describe Prof. Kev Nair’s translation of the Bhagavad Gita into English.

“The Bhagavad Gita of Inner Courage… Easy-to-read and easy-to-understand” – The New Indian Express.

Prof. Kev Nair’s Bhagavad Gita of Inner Courage is the world’s first work that lets you see the Bhagavad Gita as a single whole – unified by this singleness of focus – rather than as a mixture of several teachings.

By helping you to understand the Bhagavad Gita in its true wholeness, Prof. Nair’s English translation helps you: (i) To integrate your personality traits into a harmonious whole, and (ii) To transform yourself, your children, employees and others into individuals of great character who cannot be overwhelmed by adversity or pressures of life.

“The 3,857-line poem in 700 stanzas contain the translation of all the 700 stanzas of the Gita to easy-to-read and easy-to-understand English verse. The book has been annotated profusely with verse notes and footnotes and has been cross-referenced thoroughly. It also contains an elaborate introduction, summarising the central teachings of the Gita…” – The New Indian Express.

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About the Author

Prof. Kev Nair

Prof. Nair is an eminent English language scholar and an experienced English language lexicographer. He is a first class LL.B. and a first class LL.M. And he was ranked first in university in both the LL.B. and LL.M. exams.

Prof. Kev Nair is the author of Fluentzy®: The English Fluency-Building Encyclopedia (20 vols), as many as 10 fluency-building lexicons (WORDPEDIA), and The Bhagavad-Gita of Inner Courage. His books have been bought by people from all over the World. He is regarded the world over as the "father of fluency development" and "father of fluency lexicography". And he has been praised by the media as the "philosopher-poet". And his contributions to the English Language have been considered on par with those of such greats as Roget, Fowler and Quirk.

"If you tend to use English in your day-to-day life... here’s the final word on the line of authorities you need to follow: Quirk for grammar, Fowler for usage, and KevNair for fluency."
- The New Indian Express

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