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A Dictionary of Active Fluency Combinations (Paperback) by Prof. Kev Nair


A never-before collection of everyday ‘verb+noun’ combinations…
The very combinations on which true English fluency depends.

“This book contains an exhaustive and highly useful collection of combinations of verbs and nouns without which nobody can speak and write fluent English. Master these combinations. They can help you turn into an exceptionally fluent speaker of English.” – THE HINDU.

  • Paperback. (CLICK HERE for the Ebook Version).
  • 3rd Edition.
  • Dy: 1/8. Pages 343.
  • High quality, laminated jacket.
  • Superior binding.
  • Top quality paper.
  • Excellent printing.

ISBN (Paperback): 978-81-920807-2-7

“The third edition of Prof. Kev Nair’s Dictionary of Active Fluency Combinations… thoroughly revised and substantially enlarged. The selection of headwords and the collections of word groups under them have been made quite comprehensive from the point of view of the view of a practical user of English.” – THE HINDU Business Line.

“… the book has undergone a thorough revision… the dictionary uses a system of frequency coding that readily tells its users how important a given noun is in order to achieve fluency in English.” – The New Indian Express.

How does The Dictionary of Active Fluency Combinations help you build great fluency in English?

Are you an advanced or post-advanced learner of English who isn’t satisfied with being ‘somewhat’ fluent in it? Have you ever wished you could find out and master the very word groups that can turn you into an exceptionally fluent speaker of English? Then here’s the very book you need.

While you’re speaking (and not writing), what you’re really doing is this: From one angle, you’re processing your ideas, thoughts and feelings aloud with the aim of communicating them at the same time to your hearers. From another angle, you’re engaging in a process of interaction with them.

So the vocabulary items that you use in speech must be those that have the quality of making real-time processing and simultaneous presentation of speech possible. Generally speaking, individual words don’t have this quality. No. But combinations of words do — combinations of words that are closely connected to one another. These are the kinds of word combinations that can act as single units of meaning.

That’s why every articulate native speaker of English, as well as every fluent non-native speaker of English, has a good command of a large number of pre-built combinations of words.

Of all kinds of word combinations, “verb + noun” word combinations are the most important ones for achieving true fluency in spoken English. This is because speech is a process, and not a finished product like writing. Speech is a dynamic process — one that keeps on changing, evolving and progressing, a happening that takes place in time. And whenever you’re speaking, you’re engaged in a process — the process of using words and communicating something to somebody who you’re speaking to at that very moment. And verbs are the words that you need most help from in this process — especially, verbs in combination with nouns that follow them.

Here’s a pioneering work that gives you a core collection of “verb + noun” combinations. You’ll find these combinations grouped together under various headwords in a dictionary layout. Remember this: No other type of word combinations can solve as much of your fluency-related vocabulary problems as “verb + noun” combinations can.

For more details, including the Preface, a few pages from the first chapter, and a few pages from the Dictionary section, click through the images in the product gallery.

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