Fluentzy: English Fluency Book-set (1st Lot; 7 Books; Paperback) by Prof. Kev Nair


  • Paperbacks (7 books; 1st Lot from the Fluentzy book set).
  • 1st Lot from the Fluentzy self study book set. Fluentzy is a set of English fluency-building books. By Prof. Kev Nair.
  • Sale restricted to India. (The 1st Lot of the Fluentzy set will not be shipped to an address outside India. Only the Full set of Fluentzy Books is available with shipping to an address outside India).
  • More information about the Fluentzy English Fluency Book-Set: https://fluentzy.com

“World’s first dedicated course in English fluency building” – THE TIMES OF INDIA.

“Prof. Kev Nair’s English Fluency Encyclopaedia, the definitive work on fluency development. This work consists of 20 authoritative books on how to systematically develop fluency in English…” – THE HINDU Business Line.

“This course… has become the international standard against which advanced courses in English speech production are compared everywhere.” – General Knowledge Today.

“Courses in spoken English are aplenty. But the programme in fluency devised by Kev Nair, a pioneer in the field, is quite a detailed one… It comprises 20 books authored by Prof. Nair.” – THE HINDU.

1st Lot of Fluentzy self-study book-set

This is a listing for the FIRST LOT of the Fluentzy Self-study book set. The first lot contains 7 books (from the Fluentzy Set). The Fluentzy book set is a series of short books written by Prof. Kev Nair on how to build fluency in English.

There are a total of 7 short books in the FIRST LOT. Here are the titles of these 7 self-study books:

  • B1: Idea units & Fluency. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-00-1). (Crown 1/8, Pages 104).
  • B2: Speech Generation & Flow Production. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-01-8). (Crown 1/8, Pages 112).
  • B3: Teaching your Tongue & Speech Rhythm. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-02-5). (Crown 1/8, Pages 112).
  • B4: Key Speech-initiators & Speech-unit Patterns. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-03-2). (Crown 1/8, Pages 127).
  • S1: Fluency in Functional English (Part 1). (ISBN: 978-93-81424-12-4). (Crown 1/8, Pages 110).
  • S2: Fluency in Functional English (Part 2). (ISBN: 978-93-81424-13-1). (Crown 1/8, Pages 101).
  • S3: Fluency in Telephone English & Sectoral English. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-14-8). (Crown 1/8, Pages 103).

A book-wise detailed list of contents is given in the product image gallery. The are also available here.

  1. The E-book format of Fluentzy is not available for purchase as 3 separate lots. It is available only as the full set of 20 books.
  2. The books in the WORDPEDIA series (Fluency Lexicons) do not form part of the Fluentzy Set.

2nd and 3rd lots of Fluentzy Books

To buy the 2nd and 3rd Lots of Fluentzy (the remaining books in the Fluentzy set, after you have bought the 1st Lot), get in touch with us.

To buy the FULL set of Fluentzy (20 books, Paperbacks) in a single lot, at a reduced price, click here.

For detailed information on the Fluentzy book set, visit https://fluentzy.com

Weight 710 g
Dimensions 20 × 4.5 × 13 cm

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