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A Dictionary of Fluency Word Clusters (Paperback) by Prof. Kev Nair


Essential combinations of adjectives and nouns — to help you speak and write good English with great fluency.

“For free flow of English… These books are for people who want to join in a conversation in English but are inhibited for lack of the right words, for those who have the essential education to converse in English, but just cannot decide on the words or rather word combos.” – THE HINDU.

  • Paperback. (CLICK HERE for the Ebook Version).
  • 3rd Edition.
  • Dy: 1/8. Pages 321.
  • High quality, laminated jacket.
  • Superior binding.
  • Top quality paper.
  • Excellent printing.

ISBN (Paperback): 978-81-920807-4-1

How does The Dictionary of Fluency Word Clusters help you build great fluency in English?

Here’s an important reason why many people are not fluent in English: They try to speak and write English mainly by stringing individual words together, rather than by assembling clusters of words together.

They do this, because they’re not aware of a basic truth: The real units of language-production are word-clusters, and not individual words. They know a good number of words, but they don’t have a good command of the word-clusters that these words often combine into. For example, they know a large number of nouns and adjectives. But they don’t have a good command of the ‘adjective + noun’ combinations of frequent utility.

On the other hand, people who are comfortably fluent in English speak and write it most of the time by assembling word-clusters together — and, only when there’s a pressing communicative need, by stringing individual words together. This strategy helps them to get over the pressure of processing their language in the here and now and to speak and write easily and effortlessly.

If word-clusters are an area of difficulty for you, here’s a ground-breaking book that can help you. This book gives you carefully compiled collections of common combinations of adjectives and nouns. You’ll find these combinations grouped together under various headwords in dictionary form. All these headwords are nouns. At the entry for each noun, you’ll get the combinations of that noun and the adjectives that are normally used with it. Not a confusing collection of all ‘adjective + noun’ combinations that are possible in theory, but an extremely useful collection of combinations formed that are frequently needed for the production of English.

For more details, including the Preface, a few pages from the first chapter, and a few pages from the Dictionary section, click through the images in the product gallery.

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