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Thesaurus of Descriptive English (Ebook) by Prof. Kev Nair


For great fluency in descriptive English: World’s first adverb-wise compilation of verbs and adjectives that often occur with the adverb headwords.

…a series of fluency lexicons designed to provide English fluency aspirants with a ready collection of all the essential word combinations they need in order to speak and write good English with great fluency. They are the world’s first compilations of their kind…” – Competition Success Review.

  • Ebook. (CLICK HERE for the Paperback Version).
  • 1st Edition.
  • Pages 204.

ISBN (Ebook): 978-93-81424-51-3

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How does the Thesaurus of Descriptive English help you build great fluency in English?

DESCRIPTIVE ENGLISH is English that you need in order to describe a person, thing, event or situation — that is, to say what they’re like or what happened, by giving details.

If you want to become good at this kind of English, you have to have a practical command of the frequently occurring adverb + verb combinations and adverb + adjective combinations. This book is intended to help you achieve this practical command.

The head-entries in this first-of-its-kind thesaurus are all adverbs. Yes, adverbs. Under each adverb-headword, you’ll find – grouped separately – the verbs and adjectives that conventionally occur with that adverb.

So with this unique thesaurus to hand, you can’t be at a loss to decide what verbs and adjectives normally go with a given adverb.

Every day, look up a few adverb-headwords. Browse through the verbs and adjectives listed under each. Each adverb, together with the verbs and adjectives listed under it, would build up a network of associations in your mind. This will help you achieve a good command not only of those adverbs, but also of those verbs and adjectives. Remember this: The most effective way of mastering adverbs is through the verbs and adjectives they tend to occur with.

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